INOVINTA’s focus is to foster and attract innovative ideas that engage technology, engineering, manufacturing, marketing and distribution to create products and services that will fundamentally change and improve industrial processes. Our goal is to develop breakthrough products and services that deliver efficiencies and cost-reductions in processes and enhances safety and sustainability. Our Research and Development team is made up of talented, creative problem solvers, developers, and visionaries. A combination of strong client focus, industrial trouble-shooting skills, and a drive to continuously improve safety, predictability, and profitability in mining makes our team tick. INOVINTA is a growing organization that is focused on recruiting and retaining top-caliber talent and we are currently seeking a bright, talented, and ambitious leader for the following roles:

Manager, Research & Development and Commercialization

The R&D and Commercialization Manager, manages and directs the research and development division. This critical role oversees research and development of INOVINTA’s product portfolio and participates where applicable in commercialization activities. The R&D and Commercialization Manager assesses the scope of research projects and develops accurate implementation plans. They ensure that division milestones and goals are met, adhering to approved budgets and they are responsible for overseeing, leading, and maintaining all human resource requirements for the R&D team.

Software Developer

Our software developers are responsible for creating software for both internal and external clients. They will perform all aspects of development from requirements gathering to training end-users. On large-scale projects, they are part of a team working under a team lead and a project manager. On smaller projects, they may perform independently throughout the entire software life cycle. Developers will participate in estimation, proposal creation, requirements gathering, programming, testing, and documentation while delivering software solutions.